Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will I need to do?

Initially we will need to speak with you to obtain the necessary information to complete your application to the CICA. From time to time the CICA may send requests for further information which we will help you to complete. We will need you to keep us updated on any change of address or contact details.

2. How long does it take?

We estimate your case will take approximately 6-18 months to resolve. The time scale will depend upon 1. The severity of your injuries and sometimes your recovery period 2. The evidence available 3. Whether you are eligible for and wish to pursue claims for financial losses including loss of earnings. We will keep you regularly informed of the progress of your case.

3. "When you say 'No Win, No Fee', does that mean that I'll have to pay your fees out of my damages when I win?"

The CICA is a government funded scheme which does not include payment of our costs (except in cases involving injuries to children). We can act on a No Win No Fee Agreement. We guarantee that if the CICA do not make an award, you will not need to pay. If you receive an award, we will not deduct more than 25% of your compensation and often it will be less.